Why do we need to clean my computer from temporary files?

Over time, you notice that the computer starts to slow down, “lag” —folders and files open not as fast as before, free space on drive C decreases. When the system is working, garbage accumulates — temporary, unnecessary files that overflow the hard drive and interfere with normal operation Windows OS These files remain after installation – uninstalling programs, games, visiting Internet pages, etc. If you do not periodically use Windows cache cleaner for your computer’s hard drives from these unnecessary files, this can lead not only to malfunctions in the computer, but also to the crash and reinstallation of Windows.

There are many programs on the Internet to clean your computer from unnecessary files. You can download some of them on our website in the section “Cleaning the registry”. After reading this article, you can learn how to remove redundant, identical files – duplicates and thereby free up space on your computer’s hard drives and USB media. Perhaps extra files “hide” in hidden files and folders – how to display hidden and system files and folders.

How to safely clean your computer of garbage with the help of Windows cleanup utility?

If you are a novice computer user and are afraid to delete unnecessary files during cleaning, or do not want to install programs for cleaning the registry, you can use the cleanmgr.exe disk-cleaning utility built into Windows. With it, you can safely clean your computer from accumulated debris. You do not need to download and install it; on all Windows operating systems it is located in the WINDOWS \ system32 folder.

Black screen – Windows does not load

A fairly common situation – when you turn on the computer, Windows does not load and a black screen appears (not to be confused with the blue screen of death). It is impossible to give a definite answer why a black screen appears in Windows, since there can be many reasons – from a banal power off (for example, turned off the light), and you, unaware of this, press the computer’s power button, to more serious ones, exit hardware failure (malfunction, malfunction) and a problem with the PC hardware (power supply, processor, motherboard, monitor, etc.).

If when the computer is turned on nothing happens at all – the rotation noise of the cooler (fan) is not heard; the indicator lights do not light, and then first decide if power is supplied to the computer. Check the power outlet (with any household appliance) for proper connection of all power and screen cables. Perhaps the wire just went off, it is recommended to disconnect and reconnect them correctly, and this will not take much time. If you performed the above steps, but when you turn on the computer a black screen appears – you can safely talk about a malfunction of the PC hardware. If your computer or laptop is still under warranty or you do not understand the hardware, then it is better to refer it to a service center as a specialist. Those who are not afraid of experiments can try to eliminate the cause of the black screen on their own, if you are lucky, save money on repairs.

CCleaner is almost the official optimization program and memory cleaner Windows 10. It was developed by Piriform, a licensed Microsoft partner, and was approved by the latter to optimize Windows. This “cleaner” convinced us that he could conduct an effective and completely safe registry cleaning, delete a huge number of temporary files and make adjustments to the startup list.

Thanks to the intuitive interface, not even the most experienced PC users can easily figure out all CCleaner for Windows options. Note also that the scanner settings are configured so that the impact on the operation of the system during the cleaning process is excluded.

With the help of the Clipper, you can monitor the completion of the startup list and, if you wish, remove uninvited “guests” from there. We add that in the latest versions of CCleaner the functionality of the program has expanded due to the new button “Permanent data erasure” – it is useful to users who do not want someone to recover information deleted by them.

Advanced SystemCare is another free package that includes utilities for optimizing Windows. Admittedly, running this program regularly really increases the performance of the operating system. As with most of these products, the changes made by Advanced SystemCare can be easily leveled with backups. The peculiarity of this program is that it not only removes all sorts of unnecessary files and scripts, but also detects spyware and adware worms, prevents threats to the operating system and indicates security holes. And in the “Internet Connection Settings” section, you can speed up page loading, receiving and sending data over the network.

In short, a multifunctional harvester in which optimization is achieved by tuning everything that can be configured in the system. In addition to the usual cleaning of the registry and temporary files, it optimizes paging files, scans hard drives, and analyzes running services and startup files.

Wise Registry Cleaner is another program on the list of cleaners.

After installation, he immediately analyzes the system and provides the user with a list of files with a description of the proposed removal. To accept the offer, reject or accept certain points – the user decides. The program sorts errors into “safe” (which can be safely removed) and “dumb” (such that leave a chance to provoke destabilization in the OS). WRC is started manually or entered at startup. In this case, any changes can be undone, returning to the original configuration, which is stored in a copy of the registry – REG-file. With the installation of Wise Registry Cleaner, Windows really accelerates, stops unreasonably failing and slowing down.

EasyCleaner is a utility for optimizing and cleaning the cosplayer that can track and destroy all unused, duplicate and extra files that make the OS difficult. In addition, it has a clear graphical option that determines the free space on children’s drives, which gives full control over defragmentation. In addition, the utility itself can find and delete empty folders and broken shortcuts in the Start menu. Another additional feature is to clear your Internet Explorer browser history.